Our chips are internationally recognized in the gaming world, with the most recent and accurate technologies used. Matsui chips are the best on the market for a 100% casino quality feel and weight. These technologies also allow our chips to be highly durable and versatile making them extremely long lasting and cost effective.

Our extensive range of gaming chips provides over 90 chip moulds with many variations and over 30 plaque and jeton moulds to choose from. Matsui Gaming Chips have many special features with glitter and hologram designs, utilizing a perfect design for decals for eye catching quality, inner ring decal chips for perfect casino cash chips, poker chips with a wider decal insert for the ever growing poker market, coin inlay and heavy metal chips for a higher denomination durable chips, and hot stamp and wheel check chips for low end cash chips and roulette.

Adding to our already established range of high quality gaming chips, Matsui plaques are a compromise of crystal clear print design and high durability, making them perfect for high denominations. These plaques come in over 30 sizes from 58mm x 151mm rectangle plaques and oval plaques, and from 32mm to 60mm for jeton, but we can produce virtually any shape or size to your special requirements.

To see our range of moulds please use the download catalogue feature on the home page or to see your perfect chip with your own mould and color preference use the Design Your Own Chips interface feature.

If you require a no obligation artwork sheet and quote with your company logo please send us the logos in PDF or Illustrator format to

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