The Matsui Card Shredder is now available for lease. 

MA-5 card shredder will shred plastic and paper playing cards for the least time consuming most convenient way to dispose of your playing cards with no problem shredding bent and scuffed cards and up to 20 decks at a time.

MA-6 is for paper only playing cards with a slightly smaller motor but still just as affective for shredding again with no problem for bent and scuffed cards and 30 decks at a time. Both machines have a sensor for automatically cutting off the motor when all cards are shredded. For more details please contact us at:


DimensionW195xD185xH655mmPower Consumption90W
Gross Weight•Material13.7kg•ABS Resin and SteelVoltage210-240V
AC Main Lead2800mm LengthFrequency50/60Hz
Cutting Speed20(MA-5)/30(MA-6)Decks per minuteColorBlack
CUT4(MA-5)/6(MA-6)pcsAccessoriesAllen Wrenchx3, Fusex1, AC cordx1
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